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We are Xinxiang Jiayi Glassware Co., Ltd.,The company was established in 2007,Located in Henan, China,It is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of glassware.In 2015, it established Xinxiang Dingrun Glass Products Co., Ltd.The company owns a plate of China Energy-saving multi-channel horseshoe flame high white material kiln.7 production lines,The daily output reaches 350,000pcs,The total daily production is more than 100 tons,The annual output value is 150 million yuan.At present, the company has become one of the few glasswar......
    155ml Whiskey Glass PRODUCTS:Glass cup name:155ml Whiskey Glass
    product name: 155ml Whiskey Glass products   DescriptionModel Number:2007Drinkware   Type:Whiskey Glass Size: T.D.72* B.D.49*H77mmWeight:145gCapacity:...
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    DR-300 Beer Glass Mug PRODUCTS:Beer Glass Mug name:DR-300 Beer Glass Mug
    product name:                            ...
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  • 01 10 years' experience Design, research and development, production and processing, domestic sales as one of the enterprises
  • 02 Certification mark "WAYLEN Emperors" series, we hope that with more colleagues in the industry win-win and common development
  • 03 Customers first Strictly implement the detailed management of product quality and staff quality training
  • 04 Customized To undertake special requirements of the customer's processing and production business
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  • The main products of 热博体育官网app-官网首页 are glass cup, glass bowl, glass dish, glass ashtray, glass lamp shade, glass candy cup, glass bottle, jar and other series of products, and supporting post-processing technology, can provide printing, decal, spray color, gold tracing and other processing services.
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