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1, according to the gift budget: the number and budget to custom printed content, custom range (only including the lid and the cup body or packaging), time of use (order cycle is 7 days, including 15 days before the delivery time, suggestions for consultation) etc.;

2, determine the cup type and style: according to the budget to choose the model, is medium, large or office Cup (with handle), which series of styles?;

3, design sample and effect diagram: determine the custom range, according to the requirements of the design of the cup body layout, monochrome or color ((paper);

4. Confirmation sheet return: Fax Order (all order request and deposit certificate), customer signature, return and confirmation;

5, deposit: deposit 50%, you can use bank transfer or cash, production orders and delivery time, according to the deposit received date;

6, pay the balance: after the cup is ready, feedback to the ordering party information, and notify the payment of the balance;

7, shipment inspection: the company received the balance, immediately delivery (transportation mode, logistics, freight delivery), feedback delivery time and delivery time, you receive the goods after inspection, there are problems with us in a timely manner;

8, long-term cooperation: feedback delivery information, the two sides further cooperation.


The main products of Xinxiang Jiayi glassware Co., Ltd. are glass cup, glass bowl, glass dish, glass ashtray, glass lamp shade, glass candy cup, glass bottle, jar and other series of products, and supporting post-processing technology, can provide printing, decal, spray color, gold tracing and other processing services.
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