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The meaning of a cup

2017-08-22 Browse:1047

Cup, for a lifetime, this is why gifts are given to the cup. Gifts are a good way to communicate feelings. Some send flowers, others send clothes, others send food. I think it is better to send a good-looking and practical cup. It is brief and not simple. It shows the big eyes of the giver. The flowers will always be there. There will always be a day without clothes. A cup of water, whether rich or poor, whether old or young, whether it is day or night, is always required, tired to drink a cup of water is a lot of people's habits, and the drinking water cup in time are many people think drinking water is a cup of people. A gentleman is as light as water. The more concise, the more classic.

Between lovers to send a cup, represents a lifetime of the Convention, in each other's most thirsty when given a moisture and cool, plain life has not plain feelings. If there are girls or boys send the cup, if two people have not established relationship, is a kind of love, chasing the hint; if the established relationship, is a kind of good wishes, the love between lovers, send you a cup, accompany you for a lifetime.

The cup has a big gift of wisdom, the child is father of the man. It's a good choice to choose a good cup for a person you want to make friends with. The cup of different kinds of colors, each cup represents a status, a status, a kind of friendship. A good cup will make the master's temperament invisible. Behavior between every act and every move will make people to him, with special respect.

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