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Choose and buy all kinds of cups and sizes

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Water cups are the most common commodity, but there are too many kinds. As far as cup materials are concerned, there are glass, enamel cup, ceramic cup, plastic cup, stainless steel cup, paper cup and so on. Then, how to choose a safe drinking cup for drinking?

Glass: the first choice of drinking glass

Glass should be the first choice for drinking glasses, especially for office and home users. Glass is not just transparent, good-looking, but in all the material of the cup, the glass is the most healthy and safe. The glass is composed of inorganic silicate temperaturefiring, does not contain organic chemicals in the firing process, when people with a glass of water or other drinks, do not have to worry about the chemicals drink into the stomach; and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt in the cup wall is not easy to breed, so people with a glass of water is the most healthy and safe.

The only thing to note is that the glass is most afraid of thermal expansion and contraction, low temperature glass (such as, just out from the refrigerator just brought in from the cold weather), do not immediately filled into the hot water, to prevent explosion.

Plastic cup: choose edible grade plastic

In recent years, plastic cup due to its characteristics of varied shapes, bright colors, not afraid to beat, by many people, very suitable for outdoor users and office workers to use, but the problem is very general in plastic cup. In fact, the plastic is a polymer chemical materials, plastic cups with hot water or boiling water, the polymer is easy to precipitate, dissolved into the water, after drinking, harmful to human health. What's more, there are many pores in the microscopic structure of the plastic, in which the dirt is hidden, and the bacteria will be produced if the cleaning is not clean. Therefore, the choice of plastic cups for plastic material selection is very important, we must choose to meet the national standards of edible grade plastic.

In general, the bottom of the plastic cup has a logo, that is, the small triangle on the number, the common is "05", on behalf of the cup of material is PP (polypropylene). PP cup has a good heat resistance, melting point at 170 degrees ~172 degrees centigrade, the chemical properties are more stable, in addition to being concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid erosion, the other chemical reagents are relatively stable.

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