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A little crystal glass reflects the truth

2017-08-22 Browse:1094

The glass may be small, but the truth reflected through the crystal glass is not always clear to everyone. Would you like to drink with a crystal glass or tea?

In recent years, frequent drunken driving events have touched many hearts of the Chinese people, and the occurrence of a pile of police names seems to warn people of the dangers of drunk driving. And since this year in the nationwide rectification drunk driving special action, people always brutal table "persuade" drinking fashion gradually, tea, wine, mutual respect, gradually become fashionable.

Past friends eat no wine untasted, drunk also a slapstick, police punish drunk driving after drinking, climate change, now on the table of the bottle fell sharply, most of the people on behalf of the tea wine scene of mutual respect, civilization, the atmosphere is more harmonious.

Chinese people always have the custom of "coming to visit tea". The tea culture is rich and has a long history and can be compared with the wine culture. As the daily expenses ("firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea), Chinese tea culture and tea culture in Europe and Japan are very big, not only has the level of material civilization, but also the deep embodiment of the spirit of the Chinese nation civilization, tea and wine, its popularity daily communication table, more harmonious the feelings of each other.

Tea is the Chinese nation since ancient times, the traditional drink, a drink; for alcoholic beverages from the cloud. So, would you like to drink tea or drink with your crystal glasses?

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