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Common knowledge of glass maintenance and maintenance

2017-08-22 Browse:1243

First, avoid strong heat shock:

1. Wait for the temperature of the glass to be the same as the room temperature. The thicker the heavier glass, the longer it takes to warm it

2, heating should be gradually warming, so that the glass can adapt to temperature difference

3, the thickness of the glass, the heating process will produce tension is different, resulting in glass rupture

4, heating in a microwave oven may also cause glass rupture due to uneven heating

Two, avoid collision impact:

1 avoid the cup touching the wine bottle

2, water can not be used

3, glass should not touch each other

4, do not pile the glass at will

5 don't fold the glass

6. Don't put the dishes in the glass

Three, the correct use and function instructions

Before 1, then put the ice into the cup to pour water or feed dumplings

2, do not use glasses to Sheng juice, soft drinks, because the sugar residues in the inner wall of the glass layer will affect the spleen wine bubble formation

3, do not put hot drinks glass placed on the cold metal surface

4, the use of special glass containing cold cold hot dumplings, special glass cut hot Sheng

5. Hold the bottom or neck of the glass. Do not hold the rim of the glass

6, for each of the different drinks to choose the right glass, in order to ensure the product concentration, appearance and taste have reached the best state

7, don't cut too many glasses on the tray, and don't take too many hands at once, in case of accidents

Four. Correct hand washing:

1, make the idle after cold wash please as soon as possible

2 use clean tools, such as nylon or sponge, that are not abrasive, and wipe in warm water

3, hand cup belly, cut in the wash or dry in the process of the cup neck and cup belly to different direction

4, put a cloth mat or rubber pad at the bottom of the sink, which will help prevent damage to the glass

5, for crystal glass, the best effect of warm water rinse

6, micro metal magic ball, stainless steel ball can remove all dirt in Sheng, wine residue, sediment and stain

Five, how to make glass bright, such as new

1. Fill the tank with hot water and add two cups of vinegar. Cut the glass into the glass and soak for 1 hours. The opacity on the wall will be removed. Using undiluted vinegar will remove the turbidity more quickly and make the glass shiny

Six, excellent water quality:

1. Generally speaking, water quality is caused by alkali elements and compounds, such as lime, calcium, etc., which can cause glass opacity. The only way to remove alkali compounds is to use acidic substances.

2. The dirt in the water blocks back the water outlet of the dishwasher and deposits on the surface of the heating element and reduces the washing effect. To ensure that the method of water quality is regularly for the soft tank of salt

Seven, chemical reactions:

This is the glass produced by the oxide and air humidity stimulation within the oxide formed by the combination of reaction. A thin layer of film is formed on the surface of the glass

"Eager" cup is an elegant and durable edge, in general and straight body cup goblet can see

"Cold cut" cup edge is the use of laser processing methods to make the cup edge more detailed and beautiful. See in the higher level and cold drink cup can be.

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